How to turn petition emails off and on

Find out how to turn automated emails off and on for an online petition.

15 Feb 2023

Video version of this guidance available at

This guidance refers to adding paper signatures to the online version of your Warm Homes petition 

When you add a paper signature to your digital petition an email will be sent automatically to the person you’ve added – this email thanks them for adding their name and asks them to share the petition with friends and family.

A statement on the paper petition mentions this. But depending on when you add your paper signatures it might come as a surprise to some people.

You can disable the automatic email whilst you add paper signatures, but please only do this if you’re comfortable using Action Network and please remember to switch it back on when you’re done. If you need help contact [email protected]

1) Head to the public version of your petition e.g

2)Type /manage at the end at the end of the link eg  and press the Enter/Return key to head to the petition’s management page. You’ll be asked to log in to Action Network.  

3) Select the Responses section.

Action Network - petition example

4) Scroll down to the AUTO-REPLY EMAIL section.

5) Untick the checkbox next to Send An Email Response.

6) Scroll to the bottom and select SAVE RESPONSES.  

Action Network - save responses button


7) Add your paper signatures following this guidance  

8) DON’T FORGET TO SWITCH THE AUTOMATIC EMAIL BACK ON! When you’re done, re-tick the Send An Email Response check box and select SAVE RESPONSES again.