How to promote your petition for warm homes

11 Apr 2023

Once you’ve set up your petition for warm homes, gather as many signatures as possible to show support for the campaign. Use these tips to promote your petition.

How to add paper signatures

15 Feb 2023

Find out how to add signatures collected on paper sheets to the digital version of your petition on Action Network.

How to turn petition emails off and on

15 Feb 2023

Find out how to turn automated emails off and on for an online petition.

How to create a petition and grow your mailing list

29 Sep 2022

A petition is a great way to engage people with your campaign and demonstrate public support. It can also help build new partnerships with other groups and organisations that might be able to host the petition alongside you. Here’s how you can set up a petition and use it to make your campaign stronger.

Promote your petition – social media guide

27 Apr 2023

Use our social media guide to help you promote your petition.