Warm This Winter Day of Action on Fuel Poverty

We’ll be coming together with groups across the country to demand warm homes and lower energy bills this winter. Use this guide (or the Welsh version available below) to find out how to get involved in our action on 3 December.

01 Nov 2022

What's happening on 3 December?

On 3 December United for Warm Homes is taking part in a nationwide Day of Action on fuel poverty, co-ordinated by Warm This Winter

United for Warm Homes and Warm This Winter have similar goals – affordable energy and warm homes for all. 

Warm This Winter is a new coalition campaign focused on bringing together national anti-poverty and environmental organisations for big, UK-wide moments this winter – think weeks of action, petitions with 500,000 people signing etc. 

United for Warm Homes, which was initiated and is powered by Friends of the Earth, is a multi-year campaign that focuses on supporting communities to come together at the local level, and then bringing that power together into a united grassroots movement for warm homes.

The two will be working together, and United for Warm Homes will join in with Warm This Winter’s big coalition moments over the coming months.

The Day of Action will contribute to a flurry of activity on fuel poverty at the start of December, and will immediately follow Fuel Poverty Awareness Day on 2 December. The Day of Action will see people come together as part of a wider national movement for warm homes and demand solutions to the energy and cost-of-living crises.

Government action on these crises hasn’t gone far enough, with millions still struggling to pay their energy bills. It’s vital that we add to the pressure coming from all corners of the movement and keep drawing attention to our campaign’s demands.

Why’s this important and what can your group do?

Working together with others across our community is what’ll make the United for Warm Homes campaign a success. We want to reach out beyond our usual networks because we know that, while everyone is impacted by this crisis, some of us are being hit harder than others or affected in different ways. We need to make sure our campaigns and the solutions we’re fighting for serve the diverse communities we live in.

By taking part in this day with people from across the climate, poverty, disability, housing movements and beyond, we’ll be taking action alongside our communities and in solidarity with those most impacted by the crises we face.

A placard at a protest that reads "Fight today for a better tomorrow"
Protest Markus Spiske via Pexels

This action can help you build relationships with other groups locally, which is the first step of the campaign. And for groups who’ve already found their campaign partners, this action will strengthen those relationships and could also help you promote your campaign kick-off event.

So, how can your group get involved?

Organise a photo stunt 

Gather at a location in your village, town or city that feels appropriate and significant to your local area. Invite potential partners to come along too – especially those who’ve signed the United for Warm Homes pledge

Take some photos of the group holding placards that call for warm homes. You could also bring props to enhance the picture such as additional hats, scarves and gloves or even hot water bottles. 

Use our press release template to contact your local media one week before the action and invite them to take photos on the day. Don’t be disheartened if the press don’t turn up – you can still email them your photos straight after the stunt.

Remember to also share your photos and videos online, tagging Warm This Winter and any community partners and using the hashtags #UnitedForWarmHomes and #WarmThisWinter.   

We’ll also provide placards and social media support for the action (more info below).

Join a Warm This Winter event   

If you're based near London or Stoke, then you could go along to an event organised by Warm This Winter. Check out Warm This Winter's website for more info.

Take action online 

If you can’t get to a central location, take a photo of yourself or your group with the placards at home instead.

Use our social media toolkit to share a post online about the Day of Action using the hashtags #UnitedForWarmHomes and #WarmThisWinter. This could also be a chance to tag any community partners and to share a link to the campaign pledge. Or if you’ve already set a date for your campaign kick-off event, promote the event link. 

Staying safe

  • To ensure your activity is covered by insurance, please fill out a risk assessment in advance and share it with your relevant regional staff member. See our insurance guidance for more information. 
  • Please note that for any in-person activity at the moment, you'll need to factor COVID-19 into your regular event risk assessment. See our coronavirus guidance for more information.
  • United for Warm Homes hubs, and members representing hubs, may organise and participate in peaceful, legal protest. Hubs shouldn't organise, promote or participate in intentionally unlawful activity. See our policy on protest and non-violent action for more information.
  • You don’t have to tell the police if you’re organising a static demonstration on public land. If you’d like more information about your protest rights, Liberty has written this useful guide

Action resources

Here's a list of useful resources to help you get the most out of your action.

  • Use our press release template in advance of the action to try to get some local media coverage.
  • Order placards online for your group. The deadline for ordering placards is 21 November.   
  • Use our social media toolkit to help you promote your action and your activity leading up to 3 December, raising awareness and encouraging others to join. 

We're taking part in this Day of Action with other groups that are part of the Warm This Winter coalition. It's a great opportunity to collaborate with others locally. To find out if there are other groups getting involved near you and to see if you can connect on the day, take a look at the Warm This Winter event page. You can also register your event with them so others can see you're taking action.


If you're planning on taking part in the Day of Action or have any questions about it, please get in touch with your Regional Campaign Organiser or email [email protected]

If you’d like to apply for funding for your action, please submit an application to the United for Warm Homes fund.

Darllenwch fersiwn Cymraeg y canllaw hwn (read the Welsh version of this guide).