Campaign timeline – text accessible version

View the text-accessible version of our campaign timeline explaining how we'll win our United for Warm Homes campaign.

05 Jan 2023

Campaign goals

Our 3 United for Warm Homes campaign goals are:

  • Urgent support for people dealing with sky-high energy bills
  • A new emergency programme to insulate our homes
  • An energy system powered by cheap, green renewables.

The steps towards winning our campaign goals

We believe that, if diverse groups start campaigning locally, community support builds and local politicians start feeling the pressure to act, pressure will mount on governments and we'll secure our campaign goals.

Launch and build partnerships

When: autumn/ winter 2022


  • Find new campaign partners 
  • Build local partnerships 
  • Support your community 
  • Sign the pledge 
  • Campaign kick-off event

Build local public support

When: spring/ summer 2023


  • Local campaign meetings
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Campaign planning
  • Social and local media 
  • Petitions 
  • Events and stalls 
  • Local events and actions 
  • Community engagement 

Lobby and mobilise

When: autumn/ winter 2023


  • Public meetings 
  • Lobby your politician 
  • Mobilise with other groups  

Election campaigning

When: 2024


  • Messages to MPs
  • Collecting MP pledges
  • Hustings and meeting with election candidates