Who we are

United for Warm Homes has one clear goal: warm homes that don't cost the earth. Find out who we are and how we're uniting to take action.

05 Sep 2022

The United for Warm Homes campaign was launched in 2022 and is driven by grassroots groups across England, Wales and Northern Ireland united around a common goal: warm homes that don't cost the earth.  

Whatever their motivation – the cost-of-living crisis, renters’ rights or concern about the climate – these groups are uniting in communities to push for decisive action on the energy crisis. 

The United for Warm Homes campaign is powered by Friends of the Earth England, Wales & Northern Ireland. Friends of the Earth is an international community dedicated to the protection of the natural world and the wellbeing of everyone in it. The community has achieved some incredible wins through its ability to harness people power, from beating Shell in the Netherlands courts to fighting fracking in the UK.

United for Warm Homes is also a member of Warm This Winter.

United for Warm Homes and Warm This Winter have similar goals – affordable energy and warm homes for all. 

Warm This Winter is a new coalition campaign focused on bringing together national anti-poverty and environmental organisations for big, UK-wide moments this winter – think weeks of action, petitions with 500,000 people signing etc. 

United for Warm Homes, which was initiated and is powered by Friends of the Earth, is a multi-year campaign that focuses on supporting communities to come together at the local level, and then bringing that power together into a united grassroots movement for warm homes.

The two will be working together, and United for Warm Homes will join in with Warm This Winter’s big coalition moments over the coming months.