Values, policies and insurance

These values and policies will help your group work well together and navigate any data or legal-related concerns you might have. All registered United for Warm Homes groups are expected to adhere to these values and policies.

24 Oct 2022

Our values


We understand that some of us are being hit harder by the energy crisis than others, and that it's linked to other social justice and rights issues. We understand that many of us have benefited from the mechanisms that have caused these structural injustices. We know that to help right these wrongs, we must continue to learn and question our existing belief system. 


To build a fairer future for everyone, we need to make sure everyone can be involved. We work in a way that's accessible, welcoming and respectful of all. We reach out to people from communities that are under-represented and actively speak out against any form of discrimination. 


We won’t solve these interlinked crises within the status quo. We need to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone to stand up for what’s right. We’ll be open to new ideas, challenging ourselves to think and act innovatively. We won’t be afraid to fail and will learn from our mistakes. 


We need to work together to tackle the current crisis and transform our energy system for the better. In our groups, we build bridges and unite communities and people, supporting each other and sharing our knowledge and skills. We enable members to share responsibilities and create opportunities for people to get involved. We support other groups and organisations fighting for warm homes and recognise the experience and value of other actors.  


We're committed to securing action, and not settling for empty promises. So, once a commitment is made we’ll be there to make sure it's seen through. Similarly, in our own campaigning we're committed to being active and creative to help maintain a vibrant and lively movement. 

Supportive and fun 

The issues we're facing are challenging, but fighting for change doesn’t have to be a negative experience. We’ll make sure to seek out the things we enjoy doing throughout our campaigning, and work together to make our groups safe and exciting places for people. And we’ll build our resilience by looking after ourselves and each other.

Data protection

On setting up a United for Warm Homes campaign or joining a group, we strongly advise you read the guidance on General Data Protection Regulation requirements

If, after reading this, you still have questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected] 

Political impartiality

United for Warm Homes groups are supported by Friends of the Earth – an organisation committed to conducting its activity in a way that's politically impartial.  

All groups are required to follow the political impartiality guidance to ensure they're as effective as possible in winning the fight for warm homes that don’t cost the earth. 

Protest and non-violent direct action

We support the right of individuals and organisations to take part in peaceful protest and non-violent direct action where this is likely to support the achievement of their objectives. However, as Friends of the Earth works within the courts system, we can't encourage groups to take illegal action. 

United for Warm Homes groups are required to adhere to Friends of the Earth's policy on protest.  


We believe that everyone has the right to live free from abuse of any kind, and that everyone should feel safe when participating in campaign activities. We all have a legal responsibility to do everything we can to keep children and vulnerable adults safe and to report any concerns we have about their welfare. 

Please read our guidance on safeguarding


All registered United for Warm Home groups are covered by Friends of the Earth's Public and Products Liability and Employers' Liability insurance policies.  

Undertaking an activity not covered by this insurance makes the individuals concerned – and Friends of the Earth – liable for the full cost of any claim.  

Make sure to read the insurance guidance to check whether your activity is covered.   

Please make sure to fill out a risk assessment before any event or activity you're organising and share it with a relevant regional staff member. You can adapt this template risk assessment. Please note that for any in-person activity at the moment, you'll need to factor COVID-19 into your regular event risk assessment and share it with a relevant regional staff member to ensure your group is covered by Friends of the Earth's insurance. 

If you need to prove you're covered, please present the insurance certificates below. 


While most restrictions have been lifted, it's important we continue to follow health and safety measures to keep our communities safe. Read our coronavirus guidance to help you campaign and run events safely.