The November Day of Action

On Saturday 18 November 2023, United for Warm Homes groups and local partners took part in a nationwide Day of Action, calling for lower energy bills and warm homes for all. Here’s how it went, including your photos, and info on what's next.

How the Day of Action went

The Day of Action was a roaring success thanks to the efforts of United for Warm Homes groups across the country. Over 50 groups partnered up for the Day of Action, including with national partners like Fuel Poverty Action and Warm Welcome, and with local partners such as faith groups, foodbanks and schools. Communities came together to pressure our politicians to take action. 

  • Working in partnership. Groups formed or built on strong and diverse partnerships to ensure their communities were properly represented. For example, organisations in Leicester working alongside diverse communities such as young people, women, and people from different races and religions, as well as those supporting workers’ rights, got behind the Day of Action.
  • Showcasing community quilts. Groups made eye-catching community quilts to showcase local people’s diverse and heartfelt support for the campaign, and gain their MPs’ attention. Check out the gallery below to see groups’ crafty creations.
  • Lobbying MPs. Groups presented their quilts to their MPs and handed in their petitions, demanding action for warm homes. For example, Manchester Friends of the Earth handed in over 1,100 signatures to Angela Rayner MP, while Climate Cymru carried out a moving demonstration at the UK government’s offices in Cardiff. 

Find out more about groups’ amazing Day of Action efforts on the Friends of the Earth website.

What next?

If you took part in the Day of Action, you can use these steps to help maximise your impact:

Over the coming months, we’ll be increasing the pressure on our politicians ahead of the general election. Find out more about how to get political in your campaign.