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United for Warm Homes is a growing movement of community groups and activists from all walks of life campaigning for a common goal: warm homes for all.


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The goal

Millions of us will struggle to pay our bills this winter because of soaring gas prices. And years of government inaction has left our homes damp, cold and expensive to heat.

Thankfully, there are long-lasting solutions to cut our bills, keep our homes warm and reduce carbon emissions.

Find out how the United for Warm Homes campaign is going to help solve the energy crisis.

We're asking decision makers to commit to warm homes

Our network

There are already 170 groups across the country campaigning for warm homes. Together, we're a powerful movement for change.

Find out which groups are taking action near you.

Win commitments from election candidates

The upcoming election is a key opportunity to ensure the next government takes urgent action on securing warm homes for all and fixing our broken energy system. 

Use our resources, from hustings guidance to social media templates, to help your group run a successful general election campaign. 

How to campaign for warm homes

Any local organisation, campaign or community group can join the United for Warm Homes campaign. First you just need to sign up on behalf of your group.

Once you've signed up, follow these steps to launch your own community campaign.

Order group resources

Need campaign posters, leaflets, stickers and more? We've got a whole range of resources your group can use to run and promote your United for Warm Homes campaign. See what's in stock and place an order for free using our online form.

We're asking decision makers to commit to warm homes

Worried about your energy bills?

Change doesn’t happen overnight and we’ll be building towards big wins over the coming years.

If you're in need of help right now, have a look at our handy guide to find out where to go for support.