Campaign issue guides

Our political strategy

16 Jan 2024

The run-up to the next general election is the most promising opportunity to secure meaningful commitments on warm homes from all political parties. Find out how we'll achieve political wins.

The energy crisis

05 Jul 2023

Soaring energy bills dominate the UK's headlines. But how did we end up in this situation and who's most impacted? Find out the background to the United for Warm Homes campaign.

Fuel poverty

05 Jul 2023

Thanks to soaring energy prices and inefficient homes, millions of people are struggling to pay their bills. That's why United for Warm Homes is campaigning to end fuel poverty. Find out more about fuel poverty, its impacts and what the government should do to eradicate it.

Our asks: an energy system powered by renewables

15 Feb 2023

The energy crisis has left us at the mercy of volatile gas prices. To ensure everyone can afford a warm home that doesn’t cost the Earth, we need to transition to cheap, green renewables. Find out how we can transform our energy system.

Our asks: urgent support with sky-high energy bills

16 Dec 2022

As energy bills go through the roof, the government must provide urgent support to ensure everyone can afford to heat their homes. Find out what the problem is and what solutions we’re calling for.

Our asks: an emergency programme to insulate our homes

12 Sep 2022

Insulating homes is a quick and easy way to bring down our energy bills and reduce the emissions that come from our homes. Find out how we can roll out an insulation programme across the country.