How to guides

Get political

22 Feb 2023

The run-up to the next general election is the most promising opportunity to secure meaningful commitments on warm homes from all political parties. Find out how we'll achieve political wins.

How craftivism works and ways to use it in your campaign

31 Jan 2023

Craftivism – creative activism – can be a fun and engaging way to bring people into the United for Warm Homes campaign. Read our guide to find out why, when and how it can be useful and to get some inspiration for creative campaign tactics.

How to organise events for warm homes

31 Jan 2023

Organising events can help raise awareness and build support for your United for Warm Homes campaign locally. It's also an opportunity to build new partnerships and work alongside your campaign partners and other groups fighting for warm homes. Check out some ideas for different events you could organise.

How to start engaging conversations on warm homes

26 Jan 2023

Getting people to stop and chat to you about your campaign on a stall, at the supermarket or in the street can be tricky. So, we’ve created a few suggestions to make sure you get noticed.

How to get your campaign in the local media

05 Oct 2022

Public trust in local news reporting is far higher than in national media, making it a valuable way to reach your audience and build support for warm homes locally.

How to talk to your community about the campaign

29 Sep 2022

Community support is key to the success of your campaign. This guide will help you feel confident going out into the community to talk to people about United for Warm Homes.

How to create a petition and grow your mailing list

29 Sep 2022

A petition is a great way to engage people with your campaign and demonstrate public support. It can also help build new partnerships with other groups and organisations that might be able to host the petition alongside you. Here’s how you can set up a petition and use it to make your campaign stronger.

A guide to community mapping

12 Sep 2022

The success of the United for Warm Homes campaign is reliant on building strong partnerships within your community. This guide explains how to map potential partners to work with on your campaign.

Build local support

05 Sep 2022

Securing community support for your United for Warm Homes campaign is key to showing politicians that there’s widespread demand for action on the energy crisis. Find out how to grow public support for the campaign and build momentum in the community.

Organise a kick-off event

05 Sep 2022

A kick-off event is a great way to launch your United for Warm Homes campaign and bring people together who are ready to take action on the energy crisis. Read our guide and find out how to work with partners to co-host a successful event.